What I’m Wearing: Johnston & Murphy Suede Wingtips

Per my new career, I have started getting into men’s fashion.  I am by no means an expert, but I’m learning.  I figure, when I’m wearing something I particularly like or dislike, I plan to share that on here.  I’m more than open to input on this stuff as, like I said, I’m learning.

Johnston & Murphy Ellington Suede Wingtips

Johnston & Murphy Ellington Suede Wingtips

Today I’m wearing Johnston & Murphy suede wingtips.  I really like these shoes.  The are good looking, very versatile, have sturdy soles and are pretty comfortable.  They also have good arch support.  If you walk a lot, but need to be well dressed, these are the shoes for you.  They go very well with jeans, chinos and slacks.  They can be worn with a suit in an informal setting where its okay to dress a suit down.  However, under most circumstances, these shoes aren’t right for a suit.

While I like them, I don’t love them.  They are suede so they stain somewhat easily and shoe trees are a necessity as they are relatively soft/flimsy.  Also, they breathe only moderately.  Even with foot powder I find myself having to take them off at least once or twice during the day.

Overall, I highly recommend these shoes, especially if you are on a limited budget as they go with most outfits and can dress up or dress down in them.

Likes: versatile, can be worn on a wide variety of occasions, extremely good looking, soles seem extremely well made, comfortable.

Dislikes: don’t breathe well, suede is sort of flimsy.


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