What I’m Wearing: Cole Haan Lennox Hill Cap Oxfords

Per my new career, I have started getting into men’s fashion.  I am by no means an expert, but I’m learning.  I figure, when I’m wearing something I particularly like or dislike, I plan to share that on here.  I’m more than open to input on this stuff as, like I said, I’m learning.

Cole Haan Lenox Hill Cap Oxfords

Cole Haan Lenox Hill Cap Oxfords

Today I’m wearing Cole Haan Lenox Hill Cap Oxfords in “dark brown.”  I put “dark brown” in quotations because they have a slightly reddish tint to them that doesn’t really come out in the picture above.20130820_135952  Its almost like a red wine.  The picture on the right also doesn’t really do them justice but it does show the reddish hue a bit more.

On to the heart of the matter.  These are my favorite “dress shoes.”  They are ridiculously good looking without being over the top.  They match just about everything due to the redish/brownish  hue.  They are a little dressy for jeans, but if you wear jeans and a nice blazer, they wouldn’t look out of place.  Primarily, these shoes are best with a suit or business casual.

They feel extremely well made and substantial.  These are the kind of shoes where you put them on and you know they will last you a long time.  The sole is extremely supportive and substantial.  It is also forgiving and offers a little “cushioning” when you step.  The soles are apparently made by Nike (Nike owns Cole Haan).


While they are comfortable and well made, the arch support is practically nonexistent.  They are also pretty heavy.

I have two major complaints about these shoes.  (1) they don’t breathe at all (which is to be expected for a dress shoe) and (2) they are expensive.  They are about $20-50 more expensive than “comparable” Johnston & Murphy’s.   I put “comparable” in quotes because I have not seen any shoes from Johnston & Murphy that compare to these Cole Haans.

I bought these shoes, despite the price differential, because they are very good looking shoes.  They immediately ratchet any outfit up a notch or two.  They are also relatively unique due to the coloring so you stand out in a room full of black shoes without being ostentatious.  They are both unique and understated and classy at the same time.  This is a rare quality to find in a pair of shoes.

In summation:

Likes:  Sturdy construction, comfortable sole, color, looks, uniqueness and versatility.

Dislikes: Cost, breath ability, arch support.

Conclusion: These shoes are a no brainer.  They go with almost everything, look extremely good with a suit, and add a hint of uniqueness and style without going over the top.  Highly recommended.  If you can only own one pair of dress shoes, own these.

Available: http://www.colehaan.com/lenox-hill-cap-oxford-dark-brown/C11631.html?dwvar_C11631_color=Dark%20Brown#cgid=mens_shoes_oxfords&start=6


3 responses to “What I’m Wearing: Cole Haan Lennox Hill Cap Oxfords

  1. These are actually Air Madisons (the brogue along the cap and the different sole). Look real good. Just stating it because I was looking at the Lennox Hill and it doesn’t look as nice as this

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