What I’m Wearing: Allen Edmonds Kenilworth Plain-toe Derby Shoes


Allen Edmonds-Kenilworth Plain-toe Derby Shoes

Today I’m wearing a pair of Allen Edmonds-Kenilworth Plain-toe Derby Shoes in Walnut Burnished Calf. These have officially surpassed my Cole Haan Lennox Hill Cap Toe Oxfords as my best looking shoes.

The Walnut Burnished Calf is a gorgeous color, it is sort of a bold, bright brown. They are bright without being obnoxious. I can wear these with almost any suit or pair of pants. They are a perfect way to dress professionally while showing the world that you have a little “pizzazz” without being obnoxious or obvious. The toe is a little darker than the rest of the shoe which really adds to the look.

This is probably the nicest and most expensive pair of shoes I own. Buying these was a major step up for me and when I purchased them I was told they take a while to break in. The salesperson was not kidding. I have had them for a few weeks and they are still pretty uncomfortable and stiff. The price of style I suppose. However, they are pretty light and when they are broken in, I think they will be pretty comfortable. They also breathe pretty well.

These shoes have an really clean look because the only seam outside the lace area is a seam on the back.

Also, the sizing on these shoes is a little weird. I wear an 11 in tennis shoes, a 10.5 in most dress shoes, and a 10 in Allen Edmonds.

These shoes certainly feel like they are high quality as far as materials and manufacturing goes. However, they scuff relatively easily both on the sides of the sole and the shoe itself. The scuffs on the sole actually make the shoe look better somehow, it gives them a “weathered” look without looking junky.

Although these shoes are better looking than the Cole Haans, in general, I probably like the Cole Haans more. They Cole Haans are more comfortable, still very good looking, and they were significantly cheaper.

In summation:

Likes:  Looks.

Dislikes: Price, lack of comfort, they scuff easily.

Conclusion: These shoes are extremely good looking but, if you can only have one pair, save some money and buy the Cole Haan’s.

The Allen Edmonds can be found here.


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